Welcome to Eni: our Onboarding programme

The process whereby new hires immediately get to know the company, its strategies, objectives and people.

Your initial time in the company is an important phase in your professional life; you will get to know more about the organisational culture and values of Eni and develop your knowledge, skills and relationships. It is important that you immediately understand the contribution expected from you, the activities you will be responsible for and your reference contacts (your manager, tutor, your internal stakeholders) who can help you in the initial orientation period. 

A company reference person (Manager/Tutor) will support you in this process and can advise you about your different professional experiences and relations with colleagues.


Training and Knowledge

Eni Corporate University (ECU) is tasked with developing and enhancing the knowledge and skills of our people based on the creation and delivery of in-house training. You can view the training offered directly online on our platform dedicated to training, Enicampus, where you will find the courses that best correspond with your role and work together with your manager to set up a training programme suited to your job. In addition to scheduled training, Enicampus also provides a wide range of "open" courses for free and individual use.

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Skills enhancement

In addition to the Induction process, you will have other opportunities to receive feedback on the performance of your work: surveys, performance evaluations and feedback meetings with your manager and with whoever works with you, on a periodic or annual basis, aimed at making the best of your skills and contributing to continuous improvement. The set of skills, conduct and competencies that form an integral part of Eni's DNA and culture is represented by our Human Focus.

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Welfare as a priority

The well-being of our people and their families represents an important commitment that Eni has always seriously pursued with conviction.

Eni Welfare is a lever guaranteeing our people all-round well-being thanks to countless services for the family, health, work-life balance, social security and savings, which are continually being updated based on listening to people’s needs, including those that emerging in society.

Eni has a dedicated online channel: Eni for Us, where you can find all the agreements and services available to Eni's people.

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