Working at Eni Technology, R&D and Digital

Net Zero career opportunities.

Technological innovation is at the heart of our strategy

Eni carries out its digital innovation processes thanks to the great wealth of skills of its people and the synergy between internal research, advanced engineering skills and digital tools. Innovative projects and skills are enriched by a network of seventy national and international universities and research centres and by opening up to the market and startups in Italy and abroad through Open Innovation activities.

New technologies and digital, developed within the Technology, R&D & Digital TECH Department, guarantee support for Eni's businesses with a transversal and integrated approach, contributing to the achievement of decarbonization objectives through the study and development of disruptive technologies, potentially capable of radically transforming the energy market of the future.

In the transformation path undertaken by the company, digital innovation plays a decisive role: it enables and at the same time amplifies the possibilities that research and technology make available to achieve Net Zero by 2050.

The Digital & Information Technology (DIT) facility represents the digital soul of Eni and the place where innovation takes shape.

Candidati alle opportunità Technology, Digital e R&D

Why work in Digital & Information Technology and what are the most sought-after roles and requirements?

  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Solution Architect/Cloud Engineer
  • DevOps
  • Data and Analytics
  • Product Design (agile and service design)
  • Architecture Strategy
  • Data Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • IT Project Manager
  • Digital Business Analyst
  • Solution Business Architect

The DIT people work in Italy and in countries where Eni is present, providing cross-company services in addition to the overall ordinary operation of all IT services for Eni's businesses.

We are currently part of a unique transformation process taking place through the development of new technologies and digital solutions to support the energy transition. Innovation is part of our DNA. We observe and experiment with emerging technologies by manning major technology hubs and innovation ecosystems.

The hallmarks of the team are technological and process expertise, passion, curiosity and creativity, all of which are qualities needed to boost digitisation through the experimentation and adoption of the latest technologies in cloud, IoT, robotics, cyber security and digital platforms.

The frontiers of our evolution are focused on AI and our data heritage, quantum computing and supercomputers.

Working in the Digital & Information Technology unit means being part of an extraordinary team, which works every day to ensure that all business areas are provided with innovative and resilient digital solutions to realise the momentous transformation of the company, through a collaboration model geared towards speed, effectiveness and efficiency.

What are the pillars of our strategy?

  • Our Green Data Centre with the HPC5 supercomputer, developed with the aim of ensuring very high reliability for all business computing needs and to work along the entire value chain from geophysical exploration to complex modelling in the field of new energies.
  • The development of a hybrid cloud model to revamp the current platforms in order to preserve business continuity and the evolution of our business areas.
  • Accelerating transformation by harnessing the potential of data and adopting new tools and methodologies such as agile, design thinking and DevOps.
  • Partnerships with business functions.

Our competence centres

  • We have created Digital Competence Centres (DCC), centres of excellence that promote digital know-how within and outside the company to expand knowledge and promote widespread digital awareness.
  • The competence centres we are working on focus on enterprise architecture with a central role of evolution strategy and development of coherent architectures.
  • Our main competence centres specialise in data cloud, artificial intelligence and supercomputing and play a central role in supporting cross-functional product teams that also involves business.


What skills are required to work in DIT?

Technological skills related to the cloud, artificial intelligence, data, cyber security, solution architecture and agile and design thinking methodologies.

In addition to digital knowledge, no less important are the soft skills, among which problem solving, readiness for change and transformation, an open mindset, team working, openness and appreciation of diversity and the centrality of confrontation and integration are fundamental.

People are at the heart of our vision and strategy and the continuous evolution of their skills and training are essential to drive the ongoing transformation, as is the collaboration with universities, research centres and external partners that helps enrich our team.

Working at DIT means finding a dynamic, collaborative and inclusive environment geared towards work flexibility and creativity, while at the same time it is also an opportunity to move around the organisation and acquire the new transversal and innovative skills necessary to keep up with the fast-paced digital change that is permeating every business sector.

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