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EniProgetti: our engineering company for industry and innovation

EniProgetti contributes to the development of projects, from the early stages, aimed at promoting access to a more safe, efficient and sustainable energy, with the valorization and progressive decarbonisation of conventional sources, the production of renewable energies and the exploration of the new frontiers of energy, such as magnetic confinement fusion.


In order to progress and meet the challenges of the energy transition, EniProgetti bases its activities on the development of multidisciplinary skills in the fields of process, plant engineering, naval and management of coastal maritime works, renewables and innovative systems.


About 1000 people work in EniProgetti, operating in 7 executing centres both in Italy (San Donato Milanese, Rome, Venice and Vibo Valentia) and worldwide (United Kingdom, Kazakhstan and Egypt).

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What could you do at EniProgetti?

  • Design and implementation in the mechanical and mechatronic field to support innovative projects
  • Design and implementation of prototypes in the field of robotics and advanced sensors
  • Multidisciplinary engineering for highly innovative technologies and research projects.
  • Design of pipelines for the transportation of energy sources
  • Coastal maritime infrastructures design
  • Structural design of offshore platforms and floating units
  • Design of subsea infrastructures for production and safe field management
  • Naval design and analysis of marine systems and structures
  • Flow Assurance studies for production fluid transportation.
  • Integrated design of plants for the production of energy from conventional and innovative sources, in the civil, electrical, mechanical, materials and corrosion, machinery, automation sectors. Construction studies and inspection & expediting services
  • Design of maintenance, IT and digital systems for the proper operation of assets.
  • Design of systems and equipment through the development of process simulations
  • Preparation of heat and material balances, definition of process flow schemes and piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • Design of functional requirements for the safe operation of assets
  • Identification and evaluation of new energy-efficient and sustainable technologies and systems.
  • Design of plants for the production of electricity from renewable sources (photovoltaic and wind) and battery storage plants.

Eni Engineering Academy

EniProgetti has launched Eni Engineering Academy, a wide and transversal educational path of excellence lasting about five months, in order to offer the opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the core technical aspects of the design of onshore, offshore and conventional upstream plant, as well as renewable and innovative technologies, and to consolidate engineering, multidisciplinary and behavioural skills.


The interactive and dynamic education with internal and external trainers, selected by Eni Corporate University, is designed to support participants in their new working environment through on-the-job training.


Applications are currently closed, but please check our official channels for future opportunities.


EniProgetti, 100% controlled by Eni S.p.A., is the Eni Engineering Company for Industry and Innovation.

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