Working at Enilive

Professional opportunities in Eni's sustainable mobility company.

Enilive is Eni's new company that integrates biorefineries, the biomethane business and the multienergy and multi-service outlet network.

The goal is to provide people with sustainable mobility services and decarbonised products in order to accelerate the path to carbon neutrality, while creating value to invest in growth. The increasingly integrated proposal is for a mix of solutions that includes energy carriers such as biofuels produced exclusively from waste and crops not competing with food cycles, biomethane, hydrogen and electricity, together with services such as Enjoy car sharing (including electric vehicles) that helps relieve traffic congestion in urban centres.
It is already active in Venice as part of the many innovations.

Why work for Enilive and what are the most sought-after roles and requirements?

Working at Enilive will give you the opportunity to contribute to Eni's commitment to reach net-zero carbon by 2050. The company is looking towards an industrial set-up that reduces emissions from its production activities (scope 1 and 2) and, as demand for fossil fuels decreases, also reduces the scope 3 component of carbon emissions to zero over time through the sale of bio, green and blue products to its customers, identifying a distinctive model in the global energy landscape.

Enilive is looking for people with technical, economic and marketing skills who are willing to contribute to the challenge of the energy transition with enthusiasm and passion. Some of the other most sought after soft skills for working in this field include flexibility, effective communication, interpersonal and public relations skills.

The areas range from biorefining, to the marketing and distribution of all energy vectors for mobility including fuels of a biological nature such as HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil) and biomethane, electric recharging at service stations and hydrogen, bitumen, lubricants and fuels in general, as well as the offer of mobility-related services such as Enjoy car sharing, catering and point-of-sale services in general.

Which are some of the most sought-after roles?

Here they are below:

  • Salesperson for the Eni Station network for the traditional market
  • Field Food managers, dedicated to services for people
  • Marketing specialists
  • Maintenance technicians for Eni Stations nationwide
  • Technical profiles for biorefineries (Gela and Venice) and biomethane plants
  • Specialists for programming activities and to support the management of the biorefineries
  • Specialised figures in scenario analysis for international and national business development opportunities in biorefining, biofeedstock and biomethane

The areas of work may vary according to the many locations in Italy

Find out how below:

  • Rome: head office and staff functions
  • Venice: world's first biorefinery producing HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil)
  • Gela: biorefinery for biomass treatment
  • Eni stations are widespread throughout the whole of Italy; our sales staff follow the areas of reference throughout the network.

Discover the stories of those working at Enilive

Enilive Station: from service station to "mobility point"

We have transformed Eni Stations into Enilive Stations, places that are fully dedicated to mobility, people and vehicles, whose services can often be managed with a quick click on the Enilive app. They play a new, integrated role, combining the use of traditional fuels and new forms of alternative energy. In the Enilive Stations you can take advantage of new Enjoy services, catering services (Eni Cafè), Eni parking areas and Eni Charge points to recharge your electric vehicle thanks to fast and ultrafast recharging posts.

Get around freely with Enjoy

In major Italian cities such as Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna and Florence, Enilive’s car sharing service, Enjoy, is available. It is a car and cargo rental service that can be booked through a simple app. It is an alternative mobility service to the use of private vehicles, with benefits on traffic congestion and quality of life for those who live and commute in the city, for work and beyond.

Enjoy's fleet has also gone electric with the introduction of the XEV YOYO city cars, which are always operational thanks to battery swapping, the replacement of the battery as an alternative to recharging at the charging posts.


A new company dedicated to mobility, a customer-focused, multi-energy and multi-service business.

Biorefining and Biofuels

In 2014 Eni started to produce biofuels by transforming vegetable oils and biomass waste into HVO (hydrogenated vegetable oil), which added to diesel gives live to Eni Diesel +, Eni's premium fuel. The biofuel HVO, of which Enilive is the only producer in Italy and the second in Europe, can also be used 100% pure. Thanks to the development of proprietary technologies, the refineries in Venice and Gela have been completely transformed and converted to process organic raw materials. As of March 2021, Eni has signed agreements with a number of African countries for the development of sustainable oil crops, specifically castor oil, and for the initiation of targeted agricultural projects and the collection of agricultural waste and residues that do not compete with food cycles. Enilive is also committed to the development of sustainable alternative fuels for aviation (SAF – Sustainable Aviation Fuels) for the decarbonization of air transport.

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