Enipower is the Eni company dedicated to the production of electricity and steam.


Enipower was established in November 1999. Today Enipower, directly or through its subsidiaries, owns five power plants located in Brindisi, Ferrara, Mantua, Ravenna and Ferrera Erbognone (Pavia) and a co-generation plant in Bolgiano (San Donato Milanese), with a total operating capacity of around 5.1 GW. This plant fleet puts the company among the top national producers of electricity and makes it the leading producer of technological steam.

More information is available in the Enipower Annual Report



Enipower holds controlling interests in two companies:

  • Enipower Mantova, the company that operates the thermoelectric power plant in Mantua (a subsidiary of TEA, active in the field of energy and environmental services);
  • Società Enipower Ferrara (SEF Company), which operates the thermoelectric power plant in Ferrara (in which it holds an interest with Axpo International S.A.).

Finally, Enipower holds minority stakes in consortium companies providing industrial services at petrochemical sites in Ravenna, Ferrara and Brindisi.

Enipower organisational chart: the downloadable document describes the company's macro-organisational structure.
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Board of Directors

The members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Francesco Giunti, Chairman 

  • Rita Marino, Chief Executive Officer

  • Hannelore Rocchio, Director

  • Richard Salvatore Sberlati JR, Director

  • Alvaro Baena Zoccola, Director

Board of Statutory Auditors

The members of the Board of Statutory Auditors are:

  • Michele Casò, Chairman
  • Cinzia Cravagna, Standing Auditor
  • Sara Anita Speranza, Standing Auditor
  • Luca Bertoli, Alternate Auditor
  • Giulia De Martino, Alternate Auditor

Supervisory Body

The members of the Supervisory Body pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 are:

  • Paola Barometro (Chairman)
  • Alfredo Assunto LOPEZ

Modello 231 Enipower (Italian version)

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Bilancio SEF 2022 (Italian version)

PDF 2.51 MB 12 May 2023
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