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The Eni company that produces electricity and steam power. The company has six gas-fired combined cycle power stations.

“Production" oversees the plants in Bolgiano (Milan), Brindisi, Ferrera Erbognone (Pavia) and Ravenna. This function is also responsible for the coordination of the Ferrara plant of the subsidiary Sef S.r.l. and the Mantua plant of the subsidiary Enipower Mantova SpA.


In detail:

  • The corporate structure, Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors of Enipower and its subsidiaries
  • The company’s main areas of activity
  • The Model 231 of Enipower and its subsidiaries
  • The company’s historical documents, available to download in PDF

Organisational chart

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer F. Giunti
Planning, Administration & Control G. Zaniboni
Human Resources L. Sacchetta
Health, Safety, Environment and Quality G.A. Saggese
Production D. Galante
Technical Services M. Cucchi

The Board of Directors is made up as follows:

  • Francesco Giunti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Dimitri Gazzotti, Director

  • Hannelore Rocchio, Director

The Board of Statutory Auditors is made up as follows:

  • Michele Casò, Chairman

  • Cinzia Cravagna, Standing Statutory Auditor

  • Sara Anita Speranza, Standing Statutory Auditor

  • Luca Bertoli, Substitute Statutory Auditor

  • Giulia De Martino, Substitute Statutory Auditor

The audit firm is PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) S.p.A., which was appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 17 April 2019 to audit the financial statements for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The Watch Structure pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 is made up as follows:

  • Cesare Piovene Porto Godi (Chairman)

  • Alberto Maria Mosca

  • Michele Brancadoro


Enipower is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eni that produces electricity and steam power through five thermoelectric plants (Brindisi, Ferrara, Mantua, Ravenna and Ferrera Erbognone) and a co-generation plant in Bolgiano.



Enipower S.p.A. holds controlling interests in two companies: 

  • Enipower Mantova SpA, the company that manages the thermoelectric plant in Mantua (joint-owned with TEA SpA, a Mantua-based company operating in energy and environmental services);
  • Enipower Ferrara S.r.l. (Società SEF srl), the company that manages the thermoelectric plant in Ferrara (joint-owned with Axpo International S.A.)

Enipower SpA. also holds minority interests in industrial services consortium companies located in Ravenna, Ferrara and Brindisi.

Modello 231 Enipower (Italian version)

PDF 1.08 MB 25 June 2020 CEST 17:00
PDF 1.08 MB

Modello 231 Enipower Mantova SpA (Italian version)

PDF 1.13 MB 23 June 2020 CEST 12:00
PDF 1.13 MB

Code of Ethics 2020

PDF 11.23 MB
PDF 11.23 MB
PDF 2.62 MB

Bilancio Enipower 2019 (Italian version)

PDF 2.70 MB 12 May 2020 CEST 09:00
PDF 2.70 MB

Bilancio Enipower Mantova 2019 (Italian version)

PDF 2.29 MB 12 May 2020 CEST 09:00
PDF 2.29 MB

Bilancio SEF 2019 (Italian version)

PDF 3.73 MB 12 May 2020 CEST 09:00
PDF 3.73 MB
PDF 321.46 KB