Eni Rewind

Eni Rewind SpA is Eni’s environmental company.

Eni Rewind operates according to the principles of the circular economy to enhance the value of land, water and waste, whether industrial or from reclamation activities, through remediation and resource recovery projects in Italy and abroad. Thanks to its consolidated environmental know-how, Eni Rewind is now the global contractor for all of Eni's business lines, including upstream, refining, chemicals and commercial activities. In 2020, with the aim of gradually transforming Eni's service company into a market player, it began offering its environmental expertise to third-party customers. The company also develops plants for transforming the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) into bio-oil and methane, with water recovery, through Eni’s proprietary Waste to Fuel technology. 


Eni Rewind SpA’s operations are naturally intertwined with circular economy values.  Eni Rewind SpA’s circular strategy is implemented through:

  • reducing land take by redeveloping contaminated areas so that they can be used for new productive and eco-sustainable activities to relaunch the local economy. As well as eliminating contamination, environmental remediation makes brownfield sites usable again, such as for renewable energy plants.
  • Water Management activities involving the remediation and sustainable management of water, using an integrated system of interception and aquifer treatment for purification and subsequent reuse in production cycles
  • the management of waste from production to final disposal, originating from remediation or Eni's production activities
  • the valorisation of organic waste through industrial-scale development of Waste to Fuel plants, named after Eni's proprietary technology, which transforms OFMSW into bio-oil and bio-methane, with water recovery.