Eni’s management of whistleblowing reports

Eni is equipped with a system for handling whistleblowing reports, including the anonymous ones that operates for all Group companies in Italy and abroad.

We ensure the management, analysis and handling of whistleblowing reports received, by Eni and by its subsidiaries in Italy and abroad. 

Analysis and management of whistleblowing reports

In compliance with the provision of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the company’s Organisational, Management and Control Model, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree. n. 231 of 2001, and internal anti-corruption regulations, we have adopted a system for the management of whistleblowing reports that enables us to manage whistleblowing reports received, including anonymously, by Eni SpA and by its subsidiaries in Italy and abroad.

We guarantee the management, analysis and handling of whistleblowing reports that are sent by or transmitted form anyone, stakeholders, Eni’s People (Eni personnel and anyone, physical or legal persons, who operate in Italy and abroad for achieving Eni’s objectives, each within the scope of their own functions and responsibilities) or other third parties, also when confidential or anonymous. Eni consider a whistleblowing report any communications concerning behaviours that relate to Eni's People in violation of the Code of Ethics, any laws regulations, provisions of authorities, internal regulations, Model 231 or Compliance Models for foreign subsidiaries, that may cause damage or prejudice to Eni, even if only to its public image. These include cases of fraud, against the company assets and/or in financial reporting, illegitimate behaviour pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree. n. 231 of 2001 and/or in violations of an intentional and/or fraudolent nature of Model 231 or the Compliance Models for foreign subsidiaries, possible corruptions or violations of anti-corruption regulatory instruments. The outcome of the investigation carried out by the Internal Audit function on the reported facts are presented to internal inter-functional bodies dedicated to manage whistleblowing reports, the Board of Statutory Auditors, the Supervisory Board and for whistleblowing reports within their area of responsibility to   Eni SpA’s Watch Structure and top management and to the top management and the control and supervisory bodies of each subsidiaries involved.

The company guarantees the strict confidentiality on the persons and facts reported and anonymity of whistleblowers to ensure that they are not subject to any form of retaliation.

Whistleblowing reports may be sent using a dedicated form, click here to send a report.
This channel is considered preferential and suitable for guaranteeing, with IT tools, the confidentiality of the identity of the whistleblower.


Management of whistleblowing Reports and respect for human rights

With regard to whistleblowing reports, in 2019 investigations were completed on 74 files1, 202  of which included human rights aspects, mainly concerning potential impacts on workers’ rights.

Among these, 26 assertions were checked: for 7 of them the facts reported were confirmed, at least in part, and corrective action was taken to mitigate and/or minimise their impacts, including: i) actions on the Internal Control and Risk Management System, relating to the implementation and strengthening of existing controls, and training activities for employees; ii) actions against suppliers and iii) actions against employees, including disciplinary measures, in accordance with Model 231, and the collective employment agreement and other applicable national laws.

At the end of the year 15 files were still open, 8 of which referred to human rights aspects, in particular potential impacts on workers’ rights. 

1) Whistleblowing file: this is a document summarising the investigations carried out on the Whistleblowing report(s) (which may contain one or more detailed and verifiable assertions) including the summary of the investigation carried out, the results of such investigation and any identified action plan.
2) All relating to companies consolidated on a line-by-line basis