The VII Energythink conference, which will be held on 9 November at the Chemistry Department of La Sapienza University in Rome, will focus on the issue of the reconversion of industrial sites and specifically on the remediation, examining the research opportunities related to technological innovation and, more generally, to sustainability.
Eni and Legambiente have been engaged in the Energythink – the future of the planet, energy scenarios project for around seven years, an initiative that aims to create the basis for debate about the energy of the future.
The conference is targeted directly at students and researchers from science-based faculties and features leading international experts from the worlds of research and public administration with specific experience in the management of contaminated sites.

Eni and Legambiente have promoted the project with a view to working together with Italian universities to organise a series of conferences of outstanding scientific value to enable students and researchers to share the best and most interesting international experience in the most advanced frontiers of research.
The objective is to give to the issue a multi-dimensional framework that adequately reflects the scale of the industrial challenge presented, as well as the opportunities for research and job creation in the green economy.

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