20 September 2011, the chairman of Eni, Giuseppe Recchi, participated in the UN Private Sector Forum, an annual event organised to coincide with the General Assembly of the United Nations by UN Global Compact, UNIDO and other UN agencies.  The aim of the Forum is to facilitate exchange between international institutions, governments, representatives of civil society and international business leaders on the issue of sustainability.
The chairman, who chaired a thematic round-table discussion on energy poverty, underlined the crucial role of access to sustainable energy in allowing developing countries to achieve the objectives of the UN Millennium Development Goals. During a presentation to the world’s press, where he represented the private sector, the chairman highlighted the need to develop partnerships between business and international institutions and between companies in different sectors that can facilitate the application of new models of access to sustainable energy. In conclusion, the chairman emphasised the need to ensure that the energy development of developing countries is compatible with sustainable growth in environmental terms, in particular with regard to the issue of climate change.
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