After winning the Mensaverde award, Eni has also won the prestigious "Italia a tavola" award for the project: "Welfare, sustainability, health and taste: corporate catering at Eni."

The award has been given since 2009 to the protagonists of particularly virtuous operators regarding food safety and services of marked excellence, that provide consumers with an example of positive and healthy eating habits, and comes within the framework of the initiative promoted by the Movimento Difesa del Cittadino and Legambiente "Italia a Tavola 2011 .

The award ceremony took place on 25 October in Rome, after the presentation of the Report "Italia a Tavola 2011", the most complete and detailed analysis of the system of controls and preventative measures used for food safety, now in its seventh edition.

The "Italia a Tavola" prize is further proof of Eni's commitment to guaranteeing a service that is in continuous evolution and increasingly concerned with the wellbeing of its people.

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