A class of Tunisian students from the region of Tataouine has won the first prize, for the 2010-2011 school year, of the initiative "Una lingua universale: la musica" ( Music: a universal language ),  promoted by Eni as part of the Schoolnet project. The project is addressed to first level secondary schools in the Val d'Agri and Val Basento in Basilicata and to a number of foreign countries where Eni operates (Angola, Australia, Indonesia, Norway, Pakistan, Timor-Est, Alaska and Tunisia).
The 26 students, aged between 12 and 14, won the "International prize", which consists of a trip to Italy. They visited Rome and the region of Basilicata during the week of 7 - 15 October 2011, accompanied by their teachers and Eni personnel and on 10 October visited Eni's headquarters in Rome.
The closing event, held on 15 October in Viggiano, involved schools from Tramutola, Marsico Nuovo and Viggiano, winners of the national prizes, and the kids from Tataouine, who could give their first impressions of their trip. The Italian institutions who supported the project (the Basilicata Regional Council and the Basilicata Education Department) also took part in the event.
The project's web site Schoolnet  published a diary of the Tunisian kid's journey.
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