On 13 February, Matrìca (joint venture between Polimeri Europa and Novamont)inaugurated the new Green Chemistry Research Centre inside the Porto Torres plant. The centre is currently 700 m2 but will be expanded, thanks to the start-up of the pilot plant section. It will soon cover an area of over 3,500 m2 and will work in close collaboration with the Novamont and Polimeri Europa research teams.

Catia Bastioli, CEO of Matrìca and Novamont, explained the general research policies, also in light of the strategic European guidelines for the Bioeconomy, and highlighted the opportunities for the local area resulting from the development of the third-generation biorefinery project. "Collaborating with different local authorities and institutions - she added - will allow us to acquire valuable information on local agriculture, in light of the supply chain design, and will also give us the opportunity to create important synergies on the biorefinery's products, such as bio lubricants, bio fillers and bio plastics". 

Furthermore, a framework agreement  was signed by the Sardinia Region, the CNR , the University of Cagliari, the University of Sassari and Matrìca that will help optimize the future synergies between the respective structures and make the most of the scientific and technical skills for the execution of the research programme.

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