Eni takes its tie off‘ is the initiative which invites Eni’s people to dress appropriately for the workplace, while opting for cooler, lighter clothes. It aims at a more rational use of air conditioning  raising the temperature by 1°C.

The four previous campaigns allowed to save 1,350,000 kWh and 774 t of CO2. Assuming an average annual household consumption of 2,700 kWh (as per Italian Electricity and Gas Authority statistics), the overall saving of electricity is equivalent to the consumption of 125 families for four years.

The CO2 emissions avoided when the air conditioning was adjusted are similar to the amount produced, over the same number of days, by the cars of 1,230 employees travelling to and from work (calculating an average journey of 15 km). This is the equivalent of a car travelling 133 times around the world.
It's a "cool" way of contributing to the efficient use of energy resources. It also reminds us that even small actions can make a big difference towards creating an environmentally sustainable culture within the company.

The fifth annual initiative will last until September 2011.

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