The Sustainability Report outlines Gela Refinery’s commitment to meet the stakeholders’ expectations in a transparent and collaborative way.

Decisions such as the ones described in the Sustainability Report, the innovative initiatives in relating with suppliers, the increasingly closer relationship with the territories and the local communities, are fully consistent with the sustainability strategies that lie beneath Gela Refinery’s Industrial Plan: creating economic and social value, cooperating with all the stakeholders enhancing their contributions.

The Sustainability Report 2012 was prepared in accordance with the  G3.0 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines  issued in 2006 by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

The reliability and the guarantee on the completeness of the information reported, in comparison  with the GRI guidelines requirements, allowed the self certification at C+ level.
The Sustainability Report 2012 is certified by an external auditor who carried out a limited assurance, following the ISAE 3000 standards.

Download here the Gela Refinery Sustainability Report 2012 (Italian only).

Ask further details and information at sostenibilità .

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