The second edition of the Giornata Nazionale della Previdenza was held in Milan. This important annual event is dedicated to social security and welfare as a whole and included the opening of the exhibition "A new formula for the welfare mix: a return to Adriano Olivetti", which aims to take a closer look at one of the major issues discussed during the event:  supplementary welfare benefits.

The exhibition highlights the history, the current role and possible future development of supplementary welfare initiatives, or the range of activities, goods and services adopted by companies for the benefit of employees.

Such important and often little known initiatives deserve to be recognized and the exhibition is dedicated to Adriano Olivetti, the great entrepreneur from Ivrea who, from the late 1930s, promoted an innovative and successful business model that put the individual and his needs at the centre. No less important, from this point of view, was the figure of Enrico Mattei.
Indeed Eni was one of the pioneer companies in considering welfare a value, and today the vision of the founder is carried forward through the many initiatives designed for employees in the areas of "family", "health" and "time & money saving".  

An exhibition rich in content and highly relevant, with free admission, to sensitise and raise awareness among the public on an issue that increasingly affects the working lives of everyone.

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