Eni presents "eni in Ecuador - Agip Oil Ecuador (AOE), Local Report 2011", a document carried out as an informative and dialogue tool to eni’s stakeholders in Ecuador that describes the activities, the strategies, the objectives, the actions and the achievements of a sustainable development of the territory.

The report describes main eni’s projects, including the Villano plant, constructed drawing on offshore plants, thereby avoiding the deforestation of the area and building access roads, with helicopters used for transportation. The report tells about the construction of the pipeline called "Invisible Pipeline", whose construction method has limited the working area and has consequently reduced the potential impacts of operational activities on the biodiversity in sensitive ecosystems such as Ecuadorian tropical forests. ‘Eni in Ecuador‘ describes the Villano Biodiversity project (2007-2010), carried out in collaboration with Fauna and Flora International and with the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador and with the participation of representatives of the local scientific community, for the protection and enhancement of the local ecosystem resources. It also describes the partnerships and the projects implemented to promote a sustainable and self development of local communities, within the overall framework of the Millennium Development Goals.

Eni has been operating in Ecuador since 1988. In 2011, eni's hydrocarbon production in Ecuador amounted to approximately 16,000 barrels per day. Eni is the operator and holds a 100% stake in Block 10 through a service contract and the Villano oil field has been in production since 1999. On November 23, 2010 eni signed with the Government of Ecuador in Quito's new service contract for the Villano field that allows eni to successfully continue its operations in Ecuador confirming the extension of the contract until 2023.
The document ‘eni in Ecuador‘ underlines the company’s commitment in Ecuador and is intended to help strengthen the dialogue with stakeholders with the aim to cooperate for a sustainable development of the country.

The Report is available in Spanish on eni.com, section Publications/Sustainability.

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