Eni will take part in the Third National Conference on Energy Efficiency  part of the "Efficienza Italia" campaign promoted by Friends of the Earth.
The new Directive on Energy Efficiency under discussion at the European Parliament aims to determine precise objectives in terms of efficiency and is a fundamental stage on the European path towards sustainable energy use. Eni has expressed a generally favourable view of the Directive, which concerns an issue of strategic relevance both at the industrial level and in terms of the entire economic system of the country, but has also indicated a number of areas  for improvement, for example greater space for incentives rather than top-down decisions.
In particular, Eni appreciates the central role that the European Commission attributes to co-generation technology, an area in which Enipower has developed plants that, thanks to the high levels of efficiency and the recovery of significant quantities of heat suitable for industrial use, makes a relevant contribution to fuel saving and to the reduction in CO2 emissions.
As a demonstration of its concrete support for the energy efficiency strategy, during the conference Eni presented an example of best practice - the co-generation plant at Bolgiano (San Donato Milanese)- which, in line with the role attributed by the European Commission to this technology, makes a significant contribution to fuel savings and to CO2 emissions reduction. The plant – which for years has provided district heating and cooling services to the municipality of San Donato Milanese - in line with recent legislation, in January 2012 will be reinforced with the start of a construction site which, in the space of a year, will lead to a second highly efficient co-generation  plant.  

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