Eni is one of the six companies in the world to join the pilot phase of the UN Global Compact LEAD Board programme, with the goal to develop among the companies’ Board of Directors a stronger awareness of sustainability issues.
Eni’s participation to the programme allows it to be at the forefront in the development of useful tools to ensure that sustainable development becomes part of its business management, including the top management.

The involvement of Eni’s Board of Directors
The Programme in Eni involved Robert G. Eccles, professor of Management Practice at the Harvard Business School who had the role to facilitate the discussion among the nine men and women that constitute the companies’ Board of Directors.
The first module was held in Milan on October 29, 2014 and the second module will be held in spring of 2015.
In Eni’s experience, the LEAD Board Programme has been more than a simple Board induction; it has been a strategic session that allowed to highlight the Board’s strong commitment to sustainability and to discuss the most relevant associated topics.

What is the LEAD Board Programme?
The programme was born within the UN Global Compact LEAD, at the behest of the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon who asked to develop a Board Programme on the sustainability issues: "We need Boards everywhere to put sustainability at the heart of their agenda. I encourage you to help show the power of Boards to unlock the value of corporate sustainability".
The LEAD Board Programme was the opportunity to involve also high-level managers in focusing on the sustainability priorities.
The programme includes two training modules which, through a survey and interviews with the top management, are prepared and drafted appropriately for the company involved.
The first module ("The materiality of Sustainability") aims to strengthen the awareness of the Board on the importance of sustainability in its strategy and in the business of the company. The second module ("The role of the Board") aims to explain and discuss how to integrate attention to sustainability in the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

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