Eni was first in the research on transparency in corporate reporting conducted by Transparency International Italia among a sample of 15 major Italian companies.

Companies are evaluated on how these three areas are made public:

  • Disclosure on anti-corruption programmes - ACP;
  • Organizational transparency - TO (publication of subsidiaries, associates, etc.);
  • Country-by-country reporting – CBC (economic and financial information by country of presence).

Eni has achieved the highest score in the first two areas of analysis.

The research was conducted for the first time in Italy, based on the methodology developed by Transparency International and already applied to 105 major companies worldwide in 2012 (including Eni).

The presentation of the results of the study will be held in Milan on 3 October 2013 at Unioncamere Lombardia.



International edition of the research

he review of the international research has begun. Its publication is scheduled for early 2014.

In the previous edition (August 2012), Eni had received a total score of 5.9 (max 8.3 of Statoil, min 1.1 of Bank of China), reaching the 33rd place (out of 105).
Consult the 2012 international research

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