eni for 2013, the Integrated Report (Annual Report 2013) and the website eni.com, make up eni’s sustainability communication and reporting system with the aim of illustrating, through the year’s highlights, the company’s contribution to the achievement of global Sustainable Development goals, also related to the Post-2015 Agenda.

eni for 2013, which has also an interactive version this year available on eni.com, describes the company’s activities highlighting its link with the global goals for the protection of human rights, promotion of decent work, environmental protection, fight against climate change, sustainable use of energy, innovation and local development. The document includes the results of the business’s material issues, objectives, key projects and initiatives and, and interactive contents such as photos, videos, interviews and detailed information on certain issues of interest.

In the 2013 Annual Report, available in the Publications section of eni.com also in the interactive version, through eni's responses to the challenges of the global competitive context, the function of the business model, the aspects of governance and risk management, the company describes financial and economic performances  combining operational successes with benefits coming from a sustainable approach. The main sustainability performances and the ways in which eni manages its own business are described in the section "Consolidated Sustainability Statements".

The <strong"Sustainability" section of the eni.com site completes the reporting system and provides access to all information on sustainability illustrating the main projects and allowing an interactive view of the performances by business sector and thematic area thanks to the interactive data tool.

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