enizyme annual player 2010 is a new iPad/iPhone app dedicated to Eni's young talent and their art work

San Donato Milanese, 21 July 2011 - enizyme annual player 2010 is the new free application for iPad/iPhone, that unites art, interactive design and multi-sensory navigation and tells the story of enizyme's first year; more than 150 talented, young people from all over the world, from a wide variety of artistic disciplines, represent every aspect of Eni's communication.

The first screen immediately grabs the user's attention with a grid filled with animation and sound effects that represent the cover for 2010. Inspired by the world of music, the central automatically scrolls to reveal a background that displays the work, and the artists, who have characterised enizyme's activity from month to month.

The navigation is interactive and can be personalised. From the soundtrack to the automatic progress of the player, the user can speed up navigation, slowed it down, stop it or go backwards to travel through the year simply by dragging the dial with your finger.

There are two categories of content: artworks and events. Every element of the grid is linked to specific content that can be navigated in detail, with the possibility of enlarging all the artworks through a zoom function and accessing all the related content. Once the artwork has been enlarged it can easily be manipulated through the standard touchscreen interactive movements.
Every monthly chapter represents all the enizyme activities and artists from the 12 months of 2010. The round icons are linked to information about the artworks and the artists, while the labels with text open information about an event. Once an artist's personal information is accessed, you can move from the artwork to a biography with a simple switch, always located at the top right, while when viewing the event information the same switch allows you to visit the gallery of images or the press review.

By touching the help button you can immediately get assistance with the function of each area and get help with how to navigate various content, giving you every opportunity to learn more or skip and change the subject at will. Many other cutting-edge characteristics make the enizyme annual player 2010a dynamic and multi-sensory interface that allows iPad and iPhone users to become familiar with all the enizyme talents.

enizyme annual player 2010  is the second application offered by Eni for those who love technology to get to know the enizyme creative factory. Launched at the same time as the new corporate communication campaign, the first application was EniSandArtist inspired by the world of Ilana Yahav's Sand Animation Art.
This entertaining application for iPhone / iPad , in which the user is presented with an immaculate "sand table" and can freely draw whatever his imagination desires, has been downloaded 80,251 times for iPhone and 26,313 times for the iPad, with a combined total of 106,564 times (an average of 623 downloads per day).  This represents a major success for the application that recreates the TV advertisement aired across the national channels, and offers the possibility to create pictures in the sand.

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