On display at the Milan Triennale until April 17 as part of the Fuorisalone exposition, a futuristic Eni shop created by Ronen Joseph

San Donato Milanese, April 11, 2011 - An interactive platform to explore aspects of the energy market and encourage users to consume energy responsibly. It's the Eni_r_g shop project, designed by Israeli Ronen Joseph for Eni and on display until April 17 at the Palazzo Triennale di Milano as part of the Fuorisalone 2011 exposition.

The Eni_r_g shop is a creative interpretation of the future energy market. In practice, it’s a structure composed of seven opaque and transparent sides, in which each side represents a specific type of energy. The combination of modules form, in turn, a section of a hypothetical Eni shop where, through a user-friendly interactive commercial platform, visitors can make trades in their own domestic energy, exchange energy, calculate their consumption or receive information on energy sources in Italy.

Trading is through the use of a simple and attractive graphic interface, making it fun and intuitive to understand the energy market, which is not well known to the general public. To aid visitors and players some profiles were also prepared - a salesman, a family with three children, an entrepreneur, an owner of electric cars – for which consumption, energy production and purchasing from the core network are calculated.

In this energy role-playing game, Eni acts as arbiter and guarantor of energy put into the market. Each player approaches the energy market to suit their needs and tries to strike a balance between consumption and production/purchases of energy. The aim is to achieve the ”Eni line’, a virtual point of energy balance for each consumer / player.

The Eni_r_g shop is part of Eni’s new communication strategy, which aims to exploit  talents through the creative engine, enizyme, and uses them in various communication opportunities. Ronen Joseph has already worked for enizyme, having produced for Eni Temporary Island, which also exhibited at the Milan Triennale in the Fuorisalone 2010 exposition. The project is a creative exercise conceptualizing a hotel, paying special attention to ecology and architecture, inspired by key concepts of primary importance for Eni: sustainability, creativity and the ability to imagine the future.

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