Innovation, cooperation and culture the key-words of the new adv

San Donato Milanese, 28-01-2011 – Last year’s adv for the launch of the new Eni communication, with its dreaming atmosphere and the grace of hands drawing images on the sand – a still less known technique – surprised for its freshness and elegance. Now, sand artist Ilana Yahav signs again the new Eni corporate campaign on air since January 30 on tv, press, cinemas and web.

Through sand and its ever-changing undertones, Ilana interprets three distinguishing values of Eni: innovation, that is the ability to imagine the future, cooperation, representing Eni’s will to contribute to the development and well being of the communities it works with, and culture, which is the respect for different situations Eni faces in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Images taken in sequence shot and a beam of bright energy are the main features of this new performance. In a trip amongst key-words, different images come out from the artist’s hands: the sun, which represents innovation, two hands shaking one each other – a symbol of cooperation – and a book, portraying the meeting of different cultures.

The narration is made by Pia Lanciotti, a theatre actress educated at Giorgio Strehler’s school, while soundtrack is performed by Erica Mou, a young artist contracted by the Sugar label who is about to launch her first album.

The new Eni communication already involved more than 100 young emerging talents in different arts throughout the world. The artists represented in their own styles Eni’s most distinguishing values: international attitude, innovation, research, respect. The signature of the artist, his own interpretation of the Six-legged Dog and the soundtrack – the rework of the cover “Don’t stop (thinking about tomorrow) – are the cornerstones of the new communication which invites people to look at the future, thus embodying at its best Eni’s vision.

The works of young talents are posted at, a virtual collection of contents and a place of interaction with artists.

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