Milan, 22 November 2012 - Eni Gas and Power, ever attentive to the evolving energy needs of Italian families, continues in its commitment to innovation in its retail products and services. In the wake of its considerable experience and know-how on the Italian energy market, the company has now launched eni3, a new combined power, gas and fuel package.

By signing up for the new eni3 offer,  customers may save on home energy costs while also  making the most of advantageous fuel conditions for their car. Firstly, the Eni Gas and Power energy price quota is fixed for three years and free for two months a year (equivalent to a 16.67% billing discount on said quota). Furthermore, for every litre of fuel bought at participating eni stations, up to a maximum of 500 litres  per year,  customers are offered 6 additional cents towards the you&eni loyalty programme, for two years.

Eni has put in place a unique strategic and creative process, coordinated in Italy, which has led to the development of a new universal language to be used for communications in all countries served by Eni Gas and Power.

Through the creativity of TBWA\Italia, in the new Eni Gas and Power advertising campaign, aimed at Italy, Belgium and France, the six-legged dog comes alive for the first time ever, walking on the walls of buildings. As the six-legged dog passes it brings the characters depicted on murals to life,  showing the originality of the new eni3 combined gas, power and fuel package in a truly innovative way.

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