On 9 June, a series of lectures by Eni Award 2011 winners in Rome, Catania and Urbino.

San Donato Milanese, 9 June 2011 – On 9 June, a series of lectures by Eni Award 2011 winners in Rome, Catania and Urbino.

At 10.30am, the Eni Congress Centre in Rome (piazzale Mattei, 1 – entrance to Viale dell'Arte – Rome) will be the setting for the first leg of a virtual relay with Gabor A. Somorjai and Martin Landrø, two deserving prize winners for the "New Frontiers of Hydrocarbons" award, as well as Simone Gamba, the Research Debut award winner. Somorjai and Landrø will present their lectures on, respectively, selective catalysis for the conversion of hydrocarbons by means of monodisperse metallic monoparticles and four-dimensional geophysical methods for the assisted recovery technique of hydrocarbons and the monitoring of geological CO2 storage. Simone Gamba meanwhile will discuss the kinetic modelling and thermodynamic aspects of the hydrocarbon hydrocracking process.

At 11.30am in Catania in the Aula Magna of the University (Piazza Università, 2) the environmental protection award winner, Jean-Marie Tarascon, will discuss new electrodes obtained from eco-efficient processes for the development of "greener", more sustainable Li-ion batteries that will provide an increase in the use of renewable energy and incentivise the development of electric mobility.

Gregory Stephanopoulos, award winner for renewable and non-conventional energies, and Fabrizio Frontalini, the Research Debut award winner will round off the series of lectures at 12.30pm, at the Urbino University in the Aula Magna of the Campus Scientifico (former Sogesta) (Crocicchia area – Via Ca Le Suore 2/4 – Urbino). Gregory Stephanopoulos will discuss his research based on engineering microorganisms for the production of biofuels from renewable sources. Fabrizio Frontalini will speak about his research into the benthic foraminifera marine species as bio-indicators of contaminating traces in the marine environment.

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