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San Donato Milanese (Milan), 21 June 2011 - English is not just something to be learnt, but a language to be ”lived’. English allows you to learn continuously; is it not simply a school subject in which you aim to obtain good results on your report card and then enjoy the summer vacation.

For this reason, Eni is launching the Smartenglish project, dedicated to students in secondary middle school, which can be found on the website, and can be used as a supplement to the existing curriculum. It allows students to improve their language skills and complement their school studies.

This initiative is part of the programme put in place by Eni to support the Ministry of Education in its efforts to reform and innovation, as established by the Memorandum of Understanding signed July 7, 2010.

Smartenglish provides useful support for students and teachers, offers opportunities for students to follow a taught path (webquest), which has been validated by experts. It also features self-study exercises and allows teachers to remotely monitor the test results through an electronic register where the activities are recorded (including attempts, percentage of correct answers, time taken).

It is a best practice model based on the guidelines of the European community outline reference for languages and on the recommendations of the European Commission’s multilingual high level group, which has identified the motivation and multidisciplinary keys to efficient learning.

The uniqueness of Smartenglish, for which Eni has been awarded the European label for languages lies in the webquest - a process that allows students to be taught/and teach themselves through online classes in the English language which have been validated by experts. The course features an avatar that introduces the texts, the audio and the links that relate to news themes or scientific interest, according to a course of ”edutainment’ which unites learning with entertainment.

There are four themed areas in which students can test their level of English: 1-nature (sun – volcanoes), 2-science (renewable energy – oil), 3-society (technology – recycling), 4-media (music – cinema).  Within each area, there are different types of self-assessment exercises, which combine features of language and grammar in a gratifying journey of interaction and assessment in the interests of promoting self-improvement through the study of the language.

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