San Donato Milanese (Milan), 06 June 2012 – Anticipating summer power usage peaks, “Eni is taking off its tie‘ until September. In its sixth year, this initiative allows employees to dress more casually at the office with a view toward saving energy and working more comfortably. Having employees remove their ties and jackets allows Eni to raise the temperature in its offices by 1°C, thus contributing to lower overall CO2 emissions.

During 2011, the initiative saved 430,000 kWh of electricity, thereby decreasing power usage for air conditioning by 9.5%. During the days the scheme was in effect overall savings corresponded to the annual domestic power usage of 360 people. The quantity of CO2 emissions saved in the same period equals that generated by approximately 1,350 round-trip flights from Milan to Rome, or the amount given off by a new car circling the earth 40 times.
By encouraging employees to “take off their ties‘ in the office during the summer months, Eni seeks to address the greater issue of over-consumption of air conditioning.
Eni invests the money saved on energy costs thanks to the initiative in sustainability projects.

The “Eni takes off its tie‘ initiative, launched in 2007, has become a model for other companies, and confirms its commitment to protecting the environment through the efficient use of energy resources.

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