Rome, 22 October 2013. Eni has been awarded the certificate for “First Class Public Merit‘ by Prefect Gabrielli in a ceremony that took place in the National Department of Civil Protection. The award was issued for Eni’s role in managing the emergency situation following the earthquake in L’Aquila, and approved by the President of the Council of Ministers on the 11 October 2010.

Eni, a member of the National System for Civil Protection since 2008,  regularly participates in the Operational Committee of the National Department of Civil Protection. The Company’s Major Emergencies Unit aims to coordinate the work of all the Eni facilities that might be involved in an emergency incident.

During the earthquake in Abruzzo in April 2009, Eni supported the rescue organisation with such commitment and professionalism as to merit this award.

On 6 April 2009, Eni’s Major Emergencies Unit was brought in by the National Department of Civil Protection to participate in the activities of the Operational Committee by setting up the Eni Emergency Room of Rome.

This made it possible, even in the early hours after the earthquake and despite some service stations in the city having suffered significant damage, to ensure the supply of fuel to emergency vehicles and to all the rescue and recovery operations that were gradually established.

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