San Donato Milanese (Milan), 6 September 2013  - Eni announces its support for Premio Campiello, in its 51st edition.  This year Eni is again the exclusive partner of Campiello Giovani. The winner, chosen from five finalists, will be announced on Saturday 7 September during a press conference held for the final night of the Premio Campiello.

Eni encourages the development of young talent and contributes to their success in the belief that upcoming generations will significantly contribute to future innovation. Innovation and looking to the future are key features of Eni’s ethos and heritage and are an integral part of the way the Company  operates in different countries.

Since 2010 Eni has encouraged emerging young talent to contribute to its own communications strategy.  The Company has given young illustrators, filmmakers, musicians, writers, actors and international performers the task of coming up with the most diverse ways and styles of representing Eni’s distinctive traits: international reach, innovation, research and respect.  This approach to communications offers the opportunity for self-expression, creates value and reinforces the unique and recognisable communication style of Eni that characterises the Company in the territories where it operates.

With its support for the Campiello Giovani, Eni demonstrates its commitment to promoting quality events, highlighting the crucial role the company plays in promoting culture.

Venice, for Eni, is a strategically important city. Works have recently started on the Green Refinery site, aimed at adapting the Venice refinery for the production of innovative and high quality bio-fuels. The project is the first in the world to convert a conventional refinery into a bio-refinery and is based on Ecofining technology, developed and patented by Eni. The Green Refinery is based on distinctive technologies with high environmental compatibility. It is the result of the continued commitment of Eni to research and innovation and will make the Venice site a model of technological excellence.

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