Eni participates in the UN Private Sector ForumEni's Chairman Giuseppe Recchi represents the private sector at the press launch event and presides over the work on the theme of sustainable energy.

(New York, September 20th 2011)
Eni's Chairman, Giuseppe Recchi, spoke today, as a  representative of the private sector, at a press launch for the "UN Private Sector Forum", the annual meeting organized by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and "Global Compact ", the United Nations initiative that gathers together companies and organizations committed to sustainable development.
In his speech, Giuseppe Recchi has renewed Eni's ongoing commitment to making sustainable energy available, particularly in developing countries.
The Forum's goal is to encourage discussions between international institutions, governments, civil society representatives and senior business leaders on the issue of energy. In addition to his speech, Giuseppe Recchi chaired the discussion dedicated to energy poverty, emphasizing the role that companies must play to enable developing countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (UN Millennium Development Goals). In this regard, Giuseppe Recchi expressed himself, above all, in favour of the development of financial resources and technological skills appropriate to low-income markets, specifically through the establishment of partnerships between businesses and international institutions.
Eni's commitment to sustainable growth in terms of the environment has been demonstrated by the Chairman to be one of the key points of the group's corporate strategy.
Eni's participation in the Forum has been strongly encouraged by the UN organizers on the basis that it has recently joined the LEAD programme, the platform for excellent companies promoted by "the UN Global Compact", which brings together companies to play a central role in the debate on sustainable development at an international level.
At the meeting held in Davos in January 2011, Eni, represented by its CEO Paolo Scaroni, became the principal advocate of a collective action for access to sustainable energy, from which the "Sustainable Energy for All" task force was developed within the "Global Compact". It is through this initiative that companies will be able to develop joint projects and participate in the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20), expected to take place in June 2012.
Eni's latest action is an important step towards involving the private sector in sustainable energy issues, warmly supported by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon.

Eni has always been careful to put sustainable development at the heart of its activities, with a particular focus on the energy sector. In Africa, where it is the leading international oil and gas producer, the company is actively engaged in the support of governments for the use of natural resources and in making energy available to local communities. A clear example of this commitment are the power plants built by the company in Nigeria and Congo; the electricity produced for the local population is obtained using the gas associated with oil production, delivering further significant benefits in terms of the reduction of greenhouse gas. Eni is working to replicate these "best practices" in other African countries such as Ghana, Angola, Togo and Mozambique.

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