Rome 21 March 2013 – Eni is sponsoring the "Energy. Oil and post-oil Architecture and Networks" exhibition (MAXXI, National Museum of XXI Century Arts, 22 March - 29 September 2013), which aims to encourage discussion of how energy – from the oil boom to renewable energy – changes architecture and landscape. The exhibition’s aim is to provide visitors with ideas for the future and to help them understand how the production and distribution of energy resources has influenced and will continue to influence the landscape, the perception of urban space and human inhabitation.

"Energy. Oil and post-oil Architecture and Networks" is organized into three sections dedicated to Past, Present and Future. It features more than 80 drawings and historical projects, three authorial photographers and seven famous international architect’s studios for a path reconstructed through photographic documentation, graphics and a video of "architecture of the street".

After looking at historical reconstruction, the exhibition explores modernity. It investigates new guidelines in the design of service stations of the future and the potential offered by new scenarios in the field of energy production and supply. The exhibition will also document a number of pilot projects being carried out in Europe and around the globe, highlighting the growing importance of the relationship between science and architecture.

The historiographical section of the exhibit has been constructed also with the help of Eni, with material drawn from its rich historical and cultural heritage, including plans, drawings, images and film clips describing the design, planning and individuality of service stations as well as other examples of corporate architecture.

The exhibition traces the history of the Italian post-war economic boom, of the first gas station, service stations and highways and continues through the present to explore the future with visionary projects looking for energy supply with zero impact.

In supporting significant cultural initiatives like "Energy. Oil and post-oil Architecture and Networks", Eni aims to promote cultural diffusion as a key factor in the growth and development of society, while providing a view of sixty years of Italian history and a glance at a "visionary" future.

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