"Le voci del talento" (Talent's Voices)

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 19 April 2012 –Starting from this year, Eni is the exclusive partner of the 17th edition of Campiello Giovani.  25 semi-finalists were selected out of 350 submissions from all over Italy. Tomorrow at the "Le voci del talento" event, (Verona, Teatro Nuovo 10.00AM) a panel of judges will announce the names of the 5 finalists, in an event which will host notable figures from the literary, entertainment and entrepreneurial fields..

The winner will be announced on Saturday, September 1st in Venice at the Award Ceremony for the 50th edition of the Premio Campiello.

As the official partner of Campiello Giovani, Eni demonstrates that it cares about emerging talent. Eni's support of literature goes back to the days when its founder and first President, Enrico Mattei, first recognised the importance of a dialogue between two worlds, that of technology and art; two seemingly different worlds which are actually connected by extraordinary creative impulses. 

Eni has chosen to partner with events for emerging talent since 2010.  Young illustrators, directors, musicians, writers, actors and performance artists from all over the world have been handed the task of expressing their signature traits, such as their international backgrounds, innovation, research and respect, using various forms and mediums in different ways.  Eni is inspired by valuing excellence in all fields. Through communication, one can interpret the role of our clients innovatively, by allowing people to express themselves, giving value to those expressions, and by communicating in a unique and instantly recognizable voice, which makes Eni a standout in the 85 countries it operates in.

By supporting Campiello Giovani 2012, Eni shows, once again, that promoting quality initiatives between business and culture in a commendable way is a priority.

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