San Donato Milanese (MI), 23 March 2013 - Eni confirms that during the night between 21 and 22 March, the company has declared force majeure and ordered the closure of its onshore activities in the  Swamp Area, located in the Bayelsa State in Nigeria.

The decision was made due to the intensified bunkering, consisting in the sabotage of pipelines and the theft of crude oil, which has recently reached unsustainable levels regarding both personal safety and damage to the environment.

Sustainability is for Eni a priority in Nigeria, as in all the countries in which it operates. Eni has always promoted and carried out in the country several social and environmental initiatives in co-operation with national and local authorities.

Eni has been present in the country for over 50 years with an equity production, in 2012, of 154 kboed. Eni’s operated production in the Swamp Area is 35/40 kboed (7/8 kboed Eni’s equity) and recently losses due to the bunkering reached peaks of 60%.

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