"One, no one and one hundred thousand. From the Alps to the Pyramids" is the theme to be discussed by Massimo Cirri and Umberto Galimberti.

San Donato Milanese, May 11, 2011 - Following the success of the previous meetings, Eni is proposing a new meeting in the name of creativity and reflection on Italy’s unifying traits at the
Centro Congressi Torino Incontra (Via Nino Costa 8). On Thursday, May 12, at 6pm, Massimo Cirri and Umberto Galimberti, chaired by Neri Marcorè, will discuss the theme of identity. This will be new food for thought and provide an opportunity for Eni to be recognised not only as an industrial and economic presence, but also as a company that is capable of promoting and fostering Italy’s cultural and artistic debate.

In just over an hour, Massimo Cirri, a psychologist and playwright known to the public as the host of the “Caterpillar‘ radio show, alongside Sergio Fiorentino, and Umberto Galimberti, a psychoanalyst and university lecturer as well as a columnist for major Italian newspapers and editor of the letters section of "D, La Repubblica delle Donne", will discuss the meaning of being Italian, focusing on identity. The meeting will cover identity, in its many facets on the one hand, as outlined in Pirandello's novel "One, no one and one hundred thousand"; and on the other, identity as it means to be recognized as Italians in the world or, as Manzoni would put it, "from the Alps to the Pyramids."

As always, the meeting will include a video contribution from Sergio Toffetti, a "La Repubblica" columnist, and will discuss Italian events and history by referring to films and TV, music and literature.  

The event will also be streamed live at http://eni.iwebcasting.it/torinoincontra. In addition, both participants attending the event and those connected online will be able to interact via Twitter, sending comments or asking questions by adding the hash tag #incontraTo. The most commonly tweeted words will make up a tag cloud that will be shown in the meeting room and that will allow Neri Marcorè to draw ideas for the discussion from the web.

To be Italian also means to enjoy the pleasure of eating. For this reason, the meeting will be followed by a catering service from Eataly. Once again, the participants in the meeting will enjoy theme-based tastings of various Italian regional specialities. 

Admission is free, subject to availability (for reservations, please call the toll-free number 800.589.680).

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