Neri Marcorè, Lella Costa e Marco Lodoli

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 18 May 2011 - On Thursday, May 19, the fourth and final round of the series of 18 meetings organized by Eni will take place at the Torino Incontra Convention Centre (Via Nino Costa, 8) to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy. Famous Italians from the world of culture, sport and entertainment have met every Thursday for a month on the stage of Turin to talk about the unifying elements of the country: TV, humor and identity.

The meeting, moderated as before by Neri Marcorè, Lella Costa, an actress famous for her theatrical monologues, and Marco Lodoli, a writer and journalist, considers the complexity of the Italian language in its various facets. In just over an hour, guests will explore how our language changes depending on the context, at the meeting entitled “parlare italiano tra informazione, comunicazione e scuola‘, which translates as The Italian language, and its uses in information, communication and school."

Lella Costa and Marco Lodoli will be accompanied in their conversation by a video of Sergio Toffetti, which includes a chronicle in pictures of the history of Italy using references from film and television, music and literature.

For those who can not be present in the room, the event will be streamed live at Online participants also have the opportunity to interact with guests in the dining room through Twitter, commenting or asking questions in real time using hash tags #. The comments that are most commonly raised on twitter, will then be used by Marcorè in the debate.

To be Italian also means to enjoy the pleasure of good food. For this reason, after the meeting, Eataly will provide a catering service, offering tastings of various Italian regional specialities.

The entrance to the meeting is free, subject to availability (for reservations call toll free 800. 589680).


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