Eni announces that it has partnered with Capalbio Books as it main partners for the 2011 edition. The book, "Journey to Italy" will be published today by Rizzoli Universal Library (BUR) in collaboration with the Eni Historical Archive.

San Donato Milanese (Milan), 9 August 2011 – In keeping with its now familiar slogan,"Culture of energy, the energy of culture", Eni has chosen to participate at the festival by telling a part of its own history. In order to do this, it has decided to tap into the rich archive of texts published in the company magazine "The Wild Cat" between 1955 and 1965.

In the late fifties and early sixties, "The Wild Cat" was the official publication of the newly formed Italian oil industry, and became an expression of its international ambitions, of the idea of ​​providing Italy with the energy supplies which were needed to rebuild the country during the years of economic boom.

Among the most important publications of the time was, along with "Community" and "Civilization of Machines" by Leonardo Sinisgalli, "Cat" - edited by the great poet Attilio Bertolucci, who was chosen personally by Mattei. The big names of twentieth century Italian literature collaborated together, including intellectuals, critics of cinema and of art: Italo Calvino, Natalia Ginzburg, Carlo Cassola, Giuseppe Dessì, Leonardo Sciascia, Pietro Bianchi, Mino Maccari, Alberto Bevilacqua and many others.

The extraordinary interest in the texts published in the journal of Bertolucci, and the possibility of making them known to the wider public through the addition of cultural history from that era, has pushed Rizzoli Universal Library (BUR), in conjunction with the historical Eni, to publish short stories taken from twenty-five issues of "The Wild Cat" and entrusted to Paolo Di Stefano.

The volume, entitled "Journey to Italy" and available in bookstores from September, is the first part of a trilogy dedicated to the historical journal of Eni. This will be followed by the publication of the movie reviews of Pietro Bianchi, who collaborated with Zavattini and Guareschi and was considered among the greatest critics of modern film, and the art history lessons of Attilio Bertolucci.

"Journey to Italy" will be premiered during a special evening on August 9 (Magenta Square, 4th) at 21.00. Myrta Merlino will coordinate a discussion with Paolo Mieli and Enzo Golino (a former contributor to "The Wild Cat"). It will be an opportunity to demonstrate the extraordinary relationship that Enrico Mattei was able to create between the industry and culture through a highly innovative publishing project.

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