from June 1 to July 1, 2012

San Donato Milanese (Milan), May 31, 2012 – On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Triennale Design Museum TDM5, A History of Art in Italy, the Triennale of Milan will host, from June 1 to July 1, 2012, an exhibition of Eni’s art and graphics communication. This exhibition will highlight the attention given to the work of artists, the history and awareness of a brand, through the various reinterpretations over time. M15Y94 arts & apps recounts how Eni, has communicated with the general public since 1953,  and encountered the world of art and applied arts, particularly graphics.
The space set is the impluvium of the Milan Triennale, entirely covered with the Eni yellow characterized by the printing code CO KO M15 Y94 (which gives its name to the show) that forms the backdrop to all the displays.
The entrance to the exhibition is through a mirror that fades to yellow, a way to reflect the image of the visitor who enters Eni’s world and to reflect and duplicate a particular object: a Fiat Multipla entirely decorated by Folon, which incorporates the historic campaign on methane, drawing the attention of visitors and giving a little preview of Eni’s audio-visual communication world. The pastel-coloured car is also a seat from which you can appreciate the watercolors transform into commercials.
The exhibition and its content positioned on the back wall appear to mix into the exhibition space. The displays present the six-legged dog in a stylised fashion, portraying the evolution of Eni’s logo, whilst the story of Eni’s communication and its relationship with art is narrated on the sloping walls of the gallery.
Inside, the exhibition will trace collective memories, which are part of Eni and also part of the World’s history: the man with the Folon hat and his flame, the sympathetic and inattentive Mr. Rossi by Bozzetto, a fearless and young Dario Fo, extemporaneous thief, the brochures by Lorenzo Mattotti and many others, up to the poetic narratives of sand by Ilana Yahav and Dr. Bang, and the mad scientist of Rugolo constantly competing with "a dog".
The central space is occupied by a large screen where all the works by the young artists who have collaborated with Eni  in its communication since 2010 are displayed virtually, from brochures to institutional advertising campaigns. (
The screen is a simulation of a giant tablet which recounts the history of Eni’s communication. The plan is divided into four autonomous work stations, in each of which you can browse the work of young artists who have collaborated with Eni over the past two years. Audio-visual works are collected in a dedicated space at the end of the hall, where you can see Eni’s advertisements and documentaries.
A story was conceived to explain the rather technical title of the exhibition, "The Mystery of the Yellow", that tells the story of an investigation and discovery of the meaning in the mysterious formula C0 M15 Y94 K0.
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