Best company of the year, among those with market capitalization of more than 20 billion pounds, and best company in the exploration sector. These two prestigious awards were awarded to Eni on November 18 from the World Assembly of the Oil Council, the major European network in the oil sector.

The two Performance Excellence Awards are given in recognition of the year’s best performing companies and executives who have been judged to have achieved excellence in their activities, highlighting companies and executives who have been responsible for “Pioneering new frontiers and  pushing boundaries, for inspiring others and for achieving growth in challenging markets‘.

Eni has won two Awards from The Oil Council in recognition of its performance over the last year. The two awards are “Large Cap of the Year‘ and “The Exploration Excellence Award 2014‘.

Tab Performance Excellence Awards

The Oil Council is a major network of O&G, finance and investment executives comprising CEOs, CFOs, Bankers, Advisors and Investors with over 80,000 subscribers, 5,000 members and 80 industry partners.

The judging panel comprised 60 experts from across the energy, finance and investment worlds, and were based on criteria such as overall leadership as an industry benchmark of excellence, financial and operational performance against peer group, performance of asset/services portfolio, recent market transactions and deals, size and value of recent exploration discoveries, strength of industry partnerships and of market reputation, corporate governance, Investor and Public Relations.

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