Speakers: Paolo Scaroni, Roberto Bolle, Fabrizio Ferri
Presented by:  Bruno Vespa

The protagonist

  • The director: Fabrizio Ferri

"Emotion comes from ex movere, which means to move out: to move… Art, in order to create energy, needs to be able to ”touch’ the heart."

Fabrizio Ferri (From the interview with Fabrizio Ferri on stage)

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  • The danseur: Roberto Bolle

 "For me energy is above all linked to movement. It is at the heart of dance: my work and my life. It is a strength that doesn’t end on the stage but is fed by the enthusiasm and reactions of the audience. It is transmitted and never runs out. And I would like this energy to reach the homes of everyone."

"More than ever, art and culture need new energy. The artists lives on dreams. And by dreaming is able to create great things. This is why it is fundamental for society and business to establish new mechanisms to support and sustain culture and help artists to fulfil their dreams."

Roberto Bolle
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  • The voice: Toni Servilllo

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  • The young talent: Tai Yuh Kuo

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  • The musician: Federico Landini

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The caimpagn

Rethink Energy and the energy of Roberto Bolle

Eni believes that the best way of investing in energy is to take good care of it, and with the
Rethink Energy campaign – launched last September – the company made an attempt to redefine they way in which we approach the issue. The aim of the campaign was, consequently, to create a  new collective awareness involving everyone – both business and consumers – as active players in a new culture of energy.

Today the campaign moves forward and will be enhanced by a special initiative that is entirely new in both national and international communications.
Along with the Oscar-winning voice of Toni Servillo, another example of Italian excellence uses his art to interpret the evolution and transformation of rethinking energy.
Roberto Bolle, the international danseur, widely acclaimed as a symbol of beauty, culture and energy, lends his support to the message of the campaign by becoming its interpreter.

Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle is a campaign unlike any other. Directed by
Fabrizio Ferri, Roberto Bolle gives an absolutely unique artistic performance: his body floating through the air between the play of light and shadow is an example of pure emotion, movement and energy. In this spectacular interpretation by the ballet star, energy takes form through the emotion of movement.

The communication plan foresees, in addition to a 60‘ and 30‘ commercial, a special 60‘ version directed by Fabrizio Ferri: in which Ferri gives an intimate and personal interpretation of energy,  being moved and moving.The images, accompanied by music composed by Ferri himself entitled "May Symphony", close with the signature: Roberto Bolle directed by Fabrizio Ferri.

The campaign that will air from 6 April has a multimedia planning that will take in TV, print,
outdoor, cinema and the web.

The campaign was developed for TBWA by the art director Anna di Cintio and Executive

Creative Director Geo Ceccarelli.

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