The second edition of ContemporaneaMente , the series of public meetings to be held at Maxxi, the National Museum of the XXI century, is about to start.

The protagonists of Italian art and culture of the twenty-first century talk about their contemporaneity. Five meetings on five Thursdays, to talk about current music, cinema, literature and journalism, inviting the protagonists to talk about their contributions and their personal relationship with the contemporary world.

The first meeting at the MAXXI Auditorium is on Thursday, 26 April at 8.15pm, will feature the pianist Michele Campanella , interviewed by Claudio Strinati, an art historian and passionate music.

Campanella, internationally regarded as one of the greatest virtuoso performers and interpreter of Liszt, in his book develops an original and very personal thesis and gives an account of the extraordinary modernity of this great Romantic composer, who was in fact very forward looking. Liszt a father of modernity, and visionary precursor of many of the aspects of the music of our own time, from twelve-tone to the use of very un-traditional sounds, and from speculative and philosophical content to a rejection of rhetorical expression in favour of a bare and severe language.

Subsequent meetings will feature:

  • Francesca Archibugi meets Laura Delli Colli on Thursday, 10 May
  • Niccolò Ammaniti meets Marino Sinibaldi on Thursday, 24 May
  • Stefano Bollani meets Marino Sinibaldi on Thursday, 7 June
  • Giovanni Minoli meets Aldo Cazzullo Thursday, 21 June

During each meeting a personality from the cultural world will speak about their encounter with the contemporary world, recounting which was the book, the film, work of art, music, person, trip or historical event that has most influenced their life and way of seeing things.

The meetings, developed in partnership with Euro Forum Comunicazione and with the support of Eni, will give the public an opportunity to deepen - a word that sums up Eni's commitment to culture and the arts - their understanding of some of the leading figures, beyond their specific skills and artistic production.

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