Eni is a partner of the XI edition of the Festival of Science in Genoa, a leading international event in popular science, from 23 October to 3 November.
Created with the aim of bring a larger public closer to the great issues of science and technology, this year’s festival will focus of beauty.

As part of the Festival Programme, the project selected by Eni is "The Near Future: ne prospects to image your tomorrow". This project, promoted by the Ministry for Economic Development, and dedicated to professions and trades, is aimed at high school students and includes encounters with a debates between professional figures from the same sectors but with different jobs. The meetings will be supported by data, provided by ISTAT (the national statistics office), regarding employment and skills in the labour market. The purpose of the project is to give young people more information about the world of work.   

With regard to schools, Eni will also be present with two multimedia laboratories at Palazzo Ducale, in the Loggia degli Abati. The first Where is energy? is aimed at building an awareness and knowledge among primary school pupils about different energy sources, from fossil fuels to renewables. The other, for secondary school pupils, focuses on energy efficiency, inviting the students to control their own behaviour and highlighting ways in which energy waste can be reduced in the home. In both cases a large touch screen will carry the two activities: a completely multimedia approach in line with the activities of Eniscuola and the digital skills of the students.

Initially linked to the city of Genoa and the Liguria Region, the Festival is an intrinsically international event. Every year the focus on science is enriched by the contributions of important national and international guest speakers and frequently lead to lasting cooperation between leading figures and institutions from around the world.
Every year the Festival focuses on the most relevant and up to date issues in scientific debate, exclusive previews of shows and exhibitions dedicate to the meeting between science and the arts, with special attention to the most advanced new research and researchers from emerging countries. An event for everyone, with meetings, laboratories, shows and conferences to present science in an innovative and engaging way, through interactive and crossover events.

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