Eni is the main sponsor of the Ravello Festival, from 29 June to 7 September 2013

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of this artistic event, on Sunday 14 July  Eni will inaugurate the exhibition Folon: imaginary journeys with Eni, a one-mad show dedicated to the Belgian artist Jean-Michel Folon.

The exhibition, which will be held in the rooms of the Torre Maggiore of the Villa Rufolo, will run until 7 September.

Also during the Ravello Festival Eni will also support two concerts:

  • 21 July  Raphael Gualazzi
  • 24 August  Francesco Cafiso

Folon and Eni

During the 1990s, Folon and Eni collaborated extensively in the creation of murals, films, cultural and artistic initiatives, advertising campaigns and communication events that contributed to the success of natural gas in Italy.

From 1991 the work of Folon combined poetry and culture, art and industrial design, giving texture and colour to impalpable natural gas. So much so that in the collective imagination the lightness of natural gas, its environmental qualities and the long journey it makes to get to our homes have the colourful, dreamlike, fantastic and simple characteristics with which Folon represented them. The collaboration also produced over fifty original works, that are today part of the company’s heritage.

This exhibition, which tells the imaginary journeys of Folon with Eni also bear witness to Eni’s sensitivity to the issue of the relationship between industry and culture that, since the second world war and passing through the memorable campaigns invented by ​​Folon, is still reflected in Eni’s communication which is in the hands of new emerging artistic talents.

Eni at Ravello festival

For the 2013 edition 50 events that are different in style and content have been organised around the theme of "tomorrow" in the sense of the "future", in its various forms: artistic, musical, literary and social.

The festival will feature musical moments such as the traditional Wagner concert and the captivating dawn concert, but will also focus on the educational dimension, exploiting a number of collaborations with cultural institutions, alongside the music, exhibitions, literary and scientific meetings, theatre and dance.
The Ravello Festival is an event of a high artistic level and prestige that was first staged in 1953. In 2003 it established itself as a foundation and has taken on a multidisciplinary nature.

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