Eni is the main sponsor of the Poussin et Dieu exhibition to be held at the Louvre in Paris from 2 April to 29 June 2015 and marking the 350th anniversary of the death of Nicolas Poussin (1665), France’s greatest 17th century artist.

The exhibition aims to highlight the originality of the artist’s sacred paintings, his personal reflections about God and to make a wider public aware, through the presentation and explanation of a specific aspect of his work and perhaps the most moving; his religious paintings. A singular artist in terms of style, form and the meaning of his work, Poussin was the only 17th century artist able to combine with poetry the sacred and profane traditions by inserting symbols and allegories into his biblical subjects.

The exhibition is part of the second partnership, agreed in 2012, between Eni and the Louvre, for which the company is engaged as Mécène Exceptionnel of the museum for initiatives of great artistic and cultural value.

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