Eni and Ferrara Art have joined forces for the exhibition Lo sguardo di Michelangelo. Antonioni e le arti, to be held at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, from 10 March to 9 June 2013.

The exhibition, curated by Dominique Païni, pays homage to Michelangelo Antonioni, one of the great protagonists of modern cinema and a director who has had a major influence on both art and the cinema. The exhibition explores, for the first time, the work of the director, who was born in Ferrara, in the light of his relationship with other arts. To this end, his works are placed alongside paintings by some of the great artists of the twentieth century mentioned in his films. such as Rothko, Pollock, Morandi and De Chirico.

The exhibition

The exhibition, which is divided into nine sections, alternates a chronological account with thematic studies which highlight the polarity of his poetic vision: the mists and fog of his native Po Valley and the glaring light of the desert in which the masterpieces of his mature period are set, his “black and white‘ and “colour‘ phases; the night time beauty of Lucia Bosé and the brilliance of Monica Vitti, the indolence of the Latin male protagonist of his first feature films and the vibrancy of the English-speaking youth of the sixties and seventies; the alienating modernity of large cities and industrial hubs and the quiet charm of the outline of enchanted mountains.


The Fondazione Ferrara Arte and the Gallerie d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Ferrara-Museo Michelangelo Antonioni, in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna, have put together a major exhibition that follows Antonioni’s entire creative development and the fascinating interplay between film and painting, literature and photography.

The support of Ferrara Arte strengthens Eni’s association with the city, where for many years it has engaged in initiatives for the development of a greater awareness of art and culture.


The exhibition also features a special space dedicated to young people, for which Eni is the only partner of the digital learning project Guardare il mondo con altri occhi, aimed at a young audience and available using computers and iPad.

The educational project Guardare il mondo con altri occhi offers schools, families and adults a chance to discover or examine more closely the work of Antonioni, one of the leading protagonists of modern cinema.
The initiative is a interdisciplinary programme, mostly centred on methodologies that encourage involvement and active participation: from the experimentation of approaches for primary and secondary schools to the implementation of a peer-to-peer school-university project and from an illustrated book to digital teaching tools, as well as meetings in the theatre with artists and authors and conferences.

The programme consists of five main proposals:

  • Pilot projects and visits to the exhibition for schools and families
  • Experimental projects (school-university)
  • Action, Cinema!
  • Theatre and film appointments for schools
  • Antonioni’s horizons. A series of lectures
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