Eni is a partner of the project Camera - Italian Centre for Photography in Turin, a centre of reference for Italian Photography in collaboration with Magnum Photos, the world’s leading photographic agency, and with the support of the city of Turin and the Piedmont Region.

For Eni, support for this initiative means being involved in an innovative project of excellence, in which it is possible for the company also to promote and enhance its historical archive in a city, Turin, with which the company has important connections.

the Eni installation

Eni is present, right from the welcome area in the entrance hall, where the exhibition path begins, at the Centre in Via delle Rosine in Turin, with an interactive multimedia installation. A monolithic glass stele, pure and essential in design and form integrates and harmonises with the recovered architectural style of the historic structure owned by the Opera Munifica Istruzione called Isolato di Santa Pelagia, the building in which the Kingdom of Italy’s first public school was opened.

The Eni stele is also an interactive storytelling tool that includes a touchscreen "window" that visitors can interact with to focus on, as in a sort of manifesto, the significance of the collaboration between Eni and the Centre.

The interactive experience allows visitors to discover, through images accompanied by short captions, some particularly significant images from Eni’s archives. The photographs are a visual witness to the yesterday, today and tomorrow of the company. By directly moving the "sights" on the interactive screen, the lens captures and focuses on 5 photographs, that can be enlarged and "explored".
Thanks to the use of the parallax technique and video-compositing, the still images reveal an unimaginable depth and the subjects of the photographs take on a life and a  "sense of movement".

The project

CAMERA is an innovative and prestigious cultural project, the activities of which focus in particular on both modern and contemporary Italian photographic production. Despite having strong Italian roots, the initiative already has an international flavour, thanks its relations with leading museums and foundations around the world.

A meeting place for citizens with a diverse cultural offer for all categories of people, for enthusiasts and the curious, for study and training.

The operation involves an initial start-up phase, which will end in June 2015 with the opening of the Centre.

The centre

The Centre, with a cultural offer that is unique in the sector, aims to become a meeting place for different kinds of people, a "platform" for exhibitions, production, archival activities, training, teaching and debate around photography.

It will also be a meeting place, with a diverse cultural offer for all categories of people, for enthusiasts and the curious, for study and training.

A centre for:

  • Exhibitions, for discussion and debate on the multiple roles of the image, in life as in art.
  • A space for expression for contemporary photographers, collaboration with curators, museums, artists of international standing and research, with programmes designed to highlight the significant production of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with particular attention to Italian photography.
  • Education where, through workshops and master classes by leading photographers, anyone who wishes can try or improve their photographic skills and where a series of educational activities will be organised, in collaboration with prestigious national and international institutions and primarily directed at young people and students, initiatives and workshops to train “citizens/observers‘, giving them the tools to read and understand an image through the exercise of “looking‘.

Conservation, where, through acquisitions, donations or loans, important public and private collections can be brought together, not only with the aim of establishing a benchmark cultural asset and to make the most of it, but to build a catalogue of it,  and to store, study, exhibit and protect it.

The collection

The collection: the permanent fund

An area that meets the needs for the conservation of photographic material will be dedicated to the preservation, archiving and cataloguing photographic material which, in the form of donations, purchases or loans will come to CAMERA from public and/or private institutions.

The goal is to create a collection of reference of Italian photography of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, for photographers who wish to link their work to an institution designated to protect, preserve and promote it on a national and international scale.

The photographic collection, which will be fully digitised, can be exhibited at the centre or in other prestigious places, published and made available to universities and researchers around the world.

The collection and the activities related to it will be directed by an archivist/documentarian.

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