Eni is the main partner of the 23rd Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Cinema, to be held in Milan from 4 to 10 May.
For Eni this now historic event for enthusiasts of the cinema from the "southern hemisphere" is another opportunity to support the culture and arts of countries in these areas.
As part of the Festival programme two of the prizes feature the name of Eni:

  • The full-length feature competition Windows on the World, is an award for the best full-length feature film from the three continents
  • The African short film competition, is an award for a short film or documentary by emerging African filmmakers



As part of the day dedicated to Mozambique, Eni will present the film La nostra Africa (Our Africa) produced by the Eni Archive in 2012 and directed by documentary filmmaker Marta Musso.

 The history of the presence of the six-legged dog is told through the voices of the protagonists using material by directors such as Bernardo Bertolucci and Gilbert Bovay, who, over the years, have dealt with Eni’s activities in Africa, from the struggle against colonialism and the commitment to overcoming, through cooperation, many of the continent’s most severe structural problems.


Eni has also organised and exhibition, at the Casa del Pane, entitled Nero su Bianco created to tell the story of the company, a story of research and exploration around the world and featuring material from the Eni Historical Archive, testimonies, images and documents produced and collected by the men and women of Eni during their travels.

Support for the Festival of African Cinema is an opportunity to underline the value of dialogue and cultural exchange I developing new forms of cooperation and friendship around the world.

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