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  • Eni’s main production, development and exploration activities and licences in Norwegian waters
  • a focus on the Goliat project
  • Eni offices and contacts in Norway


Eni has been operating in Norway since 1965. Eni’s activities are performed in the Norwegian Sea, in the Norwegian section of the North Sea and in the Barents Sea, on a total developed and undeveloped acreage of 6,740 square kilometers (2,117 square kilometers net to Eni). Eni’s production in Norway amounted to 129 kboe/d in 2017.

Exploration and production activities in Norway are regulated by Production Licenses (PL). According to a PL, the holder is entitled to perform seismic surveys and drilling and production activities for a given number of years with possible extensions.


Norwegian Sea


Eni currently holds interests in 10 production areas.

The principal producing fields are Åsgard (Eni’s interest 14.82%), Kristin (Eni’s interest 8.25%), Heidrun (Eni’s interest 5.17%), Mikkel (Eni’s interest 14.9%), Tyrihans (Eni’s interest 6.2%), Marulk (Eni operator with a 20% interest) and Morvin (Eni’s interest 30%) which in 2017 accounted for 57% of Eni’s production in Norway. The gas produced in the area is collected at the Åsgard facilities, carried by pipeline to the Karsto treatment plant and then delivered to the Dornum terminal in Germany.

Liquids recovered in the area mainly through FPSO units are sold FOB.


Development activities mainly concerned infilling activities to support production of the Asgard, Heidrun and Norne (Eni’s interest 6.9%) fields.


Eni holds interests in 32 Prospecting Licensing, ranging from 5% to 50%, 4 of these are operated. Exploration activities yielded positive results with the Cape Vulture oil and gas discovery in the PL128/128D license (Eni’s interest 11.5%) nearby the production facilities of the Norne field. Eni estimates the resources in place of oil and gas to be approximately 130 million boe.


Norwegian section of the North Sea


Eni holds interests in 2 production licenses. The main producing field is the Great Ekofisk Area (Eni’s interest 12.39%) in PL 018, which includes the Ekofisk and Eldfisk and Embla satellites fields. In 2017, the Great Ekofisk Area produced approximately 23 kboe/d net to Eni and accounted for approximately 18% of Eni’s production in Norway. Production from Ekofisk and satellites is carried by pipeline to the Teesside terminal in the United Kingdom for oil and to the Emden terminal in Germany for gas.


Development activities concerned infilling activities to support production of the Ekofisk and Eldfisk fields.


Eni holds interests in 6 Prospecting Licensing, ranging from 12% to 70%, 2 of these are operated.

Barents Sea

Eni holds interests in 13 Prospecting Licenses ranging from 30% to 90%, 8 of these are operated. Barents Sea is a strategic area with a huge resource base, which will be developed in compliance with the tightest environmental and safety standards provided for the people and environment protection, considering the fragile ecosystem.


Operations have been focused on the Goliat production field (Eni operator with a 65% interest). In 2017, Goliat produced 28 kboe/d or 22% of Eni’s production in Norway.

The project includes a subsea system consisting of 22 wells linked to the largest cylindrical FPSO in the world by subsea production and injection flowlines. The use of well-advanced technologies, electricity supply provided to the platform from the mainland and the re-injection of produced water and natural gas into reservoir as well as zero gas flaring during production activities allow to minimize environmental impact.


Development activities concerned the drilling and production start-up of two new injection wells and an additional production well of the Goliat field.

The final investment decision (FID) of the Johan Castberg field (Eni’s interest 30%) was sanctioned. The project is expected to retain approximately 450-650 million boe in place. Start-up is expected in 2022.


Eni yielded positive results with the Kayak oil discovery in the PL532 license (Eni’s interest 30%); the well is located nearby to the Johan Castberg developing project in the area. The Kayak discovery is expected to retain 220 million boe in place.

Offices and contacts

Eni Norge AS
P.O. Box 101 Forus,
NO-4064 Stavanger

Vestre Svanholmen 12
Tel. (0047) 52 874800

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