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  • the main activities in the E&P sector conducted by Eni in Australia are concentrated in the conventional and deep offshore for the production of oil and natural gas
  • Eni offices and contacts in Australia

Exploration & Production

In 2015 Eni’s share of oil and natural gas production totalled 26 kboe/d. The activity is concentrated in the conventional and deep offshore over a developed and undeveloped area of 22,819 square kilometres (16,333 square kilometres net to Eni). The major areas in which Eni has interests are located in the WA-33-L (Eni 100%), JPDA 03-13 (Eni 10.99%) and JPDA 06-105 (Eni 40%, operator) blocks. During the appraisal/development phase, Eni is also involved in the NT/P68 (Eni 100%) and NT/RL7 (Eni 32.5%) areas. We also has stakes in a further six exploration licences, including one in the JPDA. Exploration and production activities in Australia are regulated by concession contracts and, within the area of cooperation between Australia and Timor Leste (JPDA), by Production Sharing Agreements (PSAs).

Block JPDA 03-13
The Bayu Undan gas and liquids field, in production since 2004, produced 149,000 boe/day (approximately 12 kboe/d net to Eni) in 2015. Liquid production it is supported by three treatment platforms and a floating production, storage and offloading unit (FSO). The gas is treated at the Darwin liquefaction plant which has a capacity of 3.6 million tons/year of liquefied natural gas (equivalent to five billion cubic metres/year of natural gas) connected by a 500-kilometre long pipeline. The liquefied natural gas (LNG) is sold to Japanese power generation companies on the basis of long-term contracts. Activities are ongoing for the third phase of development with the objective of increasing the production of liquids and supporting the production of LNG.

Block JPDA 06-105
The Kitan oil field (Eni 40%), in production since 2011, produced five thousand barrels/day in 2015 (approximately 2,000 barrels/day net to Eni). The exploitation of the oil field was completed in December 2015.

Block WA-33-L
The Blacktip gas field (Eni 100%), in production since 2009, produced 621 million cubic metres/year in 2015 (approximately 11,000 boe/d). The field is exploited using a production platform connected via a 108 kilometre-long pipeline to an onshore gas processing facility with a capacity of 1.2 billion cubic metres/year. The gas is supplied to the Australian Power & Water Utility Co. to fuel a power station based on a 25-year contract.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production
Eni Australia Limited
Eni JPDA 03-13 Limited
Eni Australia B.V.

Perth Office
Eni House 226 Adelaide Terrace Perth WA 6000
PO Box 6862 East Perth WA 6892
Tel. (0061) 9 320 1111

Darwin Office
Lever 8 NT House
22 Mitchell Street Darwin NT 0800
GPO Box 82, Darwin NT 0801
Tel. (0061) 08 8980 2700
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