In detail:

  • the main activities related to the E&P sector in the country, where Eni has been present since 1962
  • a focus on the onshore and offshore blocks of the Niger Delta in which Eni operates
  • Eni offices and contacts in Nigeria

Exploration & Production

Eni has been present in Nigeria since 1962. In 2018, Eni’s oil and gas production averaged 100 kboe/d, over a developed and undeveloped acreage of 30,769 square kilometers (7,722 square kilometers net to Eni). Exploration and production activities in Nigeria are regulated mainly by Production Sharing Agreements and concession contracts as well as a service contract where Eni acts as contractor for State-owned Company.

In the development/production phase Eni operates onshore Oil Mining Leases (OML) 60, 61, 62 and 63 (Eni’s interest 20%) and offshore OML 125 (Eni’s interest 100%) and OPL 245 (Eni’s interest 50%), holding interests in OML 118 (Eni’s interest 12.5%) and OML 116 Service Contract. As partner of SPDC JV, the largest joint venture in the Country, Eni also holds a 5% interest in 17 onshore blocks and in 1 conventional offshore block and with a 12.86% interest in 2 conventional offshore blocks.

In the exploration phase Eni operates offshore OML 134 (Eni’s interest 100%), OPL 2009 (Eni’s interest 49%), and onshore OPL 282 (Eni’s interest 90%) and OPL 135 (Eni’s interest 48%). Eni also holds a 12.5% interest in OML 135.

In February 2018, Eni signed with the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) a collaboration agreement to foster access to safe and clean water in Nigeria, mainly in the north-east areas, by drilling boreholes powered with photovoltaic systems, both for domestic use and irrigation purposes.

Eni’s programs to support local communities progressed with:

  • acces to energy and to water initiatives;
  • economic programs for diversification purposes, in particular with the Green River Project;
  • professional training and scholarship programs;
  • and renovation and construction of health centers and supply of medical equipment.


Blocks OMLs 60, 61, 62 e 63

Production. Onshore four licenses produced approximately 44 kboe/d net to Eni in 2018. Liquid and gas production is supported by the NGL plant at Obiafu-Obrikom with a treatment capacity of approximately 1 bcf/d and by the oil tanker terminal at Brass with a storage capacity of approximately 3,5 mmbbl. A large portion of the gas reserves of these four OMLs is destined to supply the Bonny Island liquefaction plant (see below). Another portion of gas production is employed in firing the combined cycle power plant at Okpai with a 480 MW generation capacity. In 2018, supplies to this power station were an overall amount of approximately 35 mmcf/d.

Development. Development activities mainly included:

  • workover and rigless activities to support current production as well as maintenance and restoration of damaged facilities due to sabotage and bunkering;
  • the completion of the water injection project of the Ebocha field, achieving a produced water reinjection capacity of approximately 30 kbbl/day;
  • and the phase 2 activities of the Okpai plant to double the installed power capacity.


Block OML 118

Production. The Bonga oil field produced over 13 kboe/d net to Eni in 2018. Production is supported by an FPSO unit with a 225 kboe/d treatment capacity and a 2 mmboe storage capacity. Associated gas is carried to a collection platform on the EA field and, from there, is delivered to the Bonny liquefaction plant.

Development. Development activities mainly concerned the drilling activities to increase production and workover activities to mitigate mature field decline.


Block OML 125

Production. Production derived mainly from the Abo field which yielded approximately 12 kboe/d net to Eni in 2018. Production is supported by an FPSO unit with a 40 kboe/d capacity and an 800 kboe storage capacity.

Development. Development activities mainly concerned the drilling activities to increase production and workover activities to mitigate mature field decline of the Abo field.


SPDC Joint Venture (NASE)

Production. In 2018, production from the SPDC JV amounted to approximately 29 kboe/d.

Development. The development activities mainly concerned associated gas program of Forkados Yokri Integrated Project in the OML 43 block (Eni’s interest 5%) as well as Gbaran phase 2A/2B and SSAGS project in the OML 28 block (Eni’s interest 5%). Gas production will be sold to the local market.

Exploration. Exploration activities yielded positive results with the EPU-05 deep offshore gas discovery in the Gbaran-Kolo Creek-Epu (Eni’s interest 5%) area.

Gas & LNG Power and Marketing

Eni holds a 10.4% interest in the Nigeria LNG Ltd joint venture, which runs the Bonny liquefaction plant located in the Eastern Niger Delta. The plant has a treatment capacity of approximately 1,236 bcf/y of feed gas corresponding to a production of 22 mmtonnes/y of LNG. Natural gas supplies to the plant are currently provided under gas supply agreements from the SPDC JV, TEPNG JV and the NAOC JV (Eni's interest 20%). In 2018, the Bonny liquefaction plant processed approximately 1,130 bcf. LNG production is sold under long-term contracts and exported to the United States, Asian and European markets by the Bonny Gas Transport fleet, wholly owned by Nigeria LNG.

Offices & contacts

Exploration & Production
Naoc-Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited
No. 40/42 AguiyiIronsi Street
Federal Capital Territory
Tel. (+234) (0) 9 4611900 - 6

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited
No. 1 Elsie Femi Pearse Street,
Victoria Island

Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited
Naoc New Base
Mile 4 Ikwerre Road
Port Harcourt Rivers State
Port Harcourt
Tel. (+234) (0) 84 465010 - 9
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