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Eni Corporate University is responsible for recruiting, selecting and training Eni’s staff. The need to have an internal structure of this type is based on the need to align skills development with business strategies. Eni Corporate University oversees the entire cycle of knowledge: from the planning of professional requirements to the selection of new talent and their training throughout their entire professional life. An integral part of ECU is the Scuola Enrico Mattei, which specialises in advanced training in the energy and environmental sector and is an international benchmark for post graduate training in Oil & Gas-related subjects.


Organisational structure

Organisational structure

Board of Directors

ECU AGM resolution of 10 April 2015:

  • Claudio Granata (Chairman)
  • Marco Coccagna
  • Claudia Paoletti


ECU AGM resolution del 14 April 2010:

  • Reconta Ernst & Young

Board of Statutory Auditors

ECU AGM resolution of 4 April 2016:

  • Mauro Ianiro (Chairman)
  • Nicola Giuliano
  • Piera Penna

Supervisory Board

With reference to the resolution of the company’s Board of Directors on 4 March 2014, the Supervisory Board pursuant to the organisational, management and control of the company, pursuant to Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001. 231 is composed by:

  • Carlo Invernizzi (Chairman)
  • Sara Signa
  • Luigi Cavigioli

The Board of Directors is also responsible for confirming the assignment to the Supervisory Board of the role of Guarantor of the company’s Code of Ethics as well as the Model 231.


Eni Corporate University conducts training activities for the development of technical and managerial know-how of staff in Italy and abroad, also by promoting and developing agreements with prestigious Italian and international universities as well as organising alternating School-Work projects.

It organizes and runs, through the Scuola Mattei, the Master in Management and Economics of Energy and the Environment (MEDEA). It also develops employer branding, or rather the reputation that the company builds as an employer, to spread the company’s corporate identity and attract the best resources available on the market. ECU also manages the process of orientation, recruitment and selection through methodologies consistent with international best practices. ECU also oversees the consolidation and monitoring of knowledge management initiatives developed in Eni’s business and professional areas and provides specialist support in the definition and implementation process for projects for the diffusion and the development of skills and strategic know-how.


Eni Corporate University S.p.A.
Uffici di Milano
Via S. Salvo 1
20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)
Tel: +39 02 5201

Rome Office
Via Paolo di Dono 223
00142 Roma
Tel: +39 06 59821

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